Kush Kush – Fight Back With Love Tonight | Νέο Single

Nέο single από Kush Kush με τίτλο «Fight Back With Love Tonight».

Το «Fight Back With Love Tonight» περιλαμβάνει sampling από το «My Woman» του Al Bowlly που είχε χρησιμοποιηθεί στην Νο.1 επιτυχία των White Town το 1997 «Your Woman».

Ακούστε το εδώ:

Lyrics – Στίχοι

Just try to think and understand
And you can fight back

It makes us live in agony
There’s no free will in our lives

You can´t see what hurts
But you can feel it is strong
An invisible force acts against you
It leads you to madness

These restraints take away my strengths
It is useless to cut a sorry figure now
I know it’s time for me to break these chains
I can’t wait to see you flying away

Look at my face
And show all your grace
There’s a feeling locked in a cage
There is no fate
If you don’t try to escape
Use your mind and don’t be afraid

You can´t be who you are
The real you is locked inside you
Just try to think and understand
And you can fight back

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