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Loski, Stormzy – Flavour | Video Clip

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Loski, Stormzy – Flavour | Video Clip

Ο superstar του Νότιου Λονδίνου, ο Loski, που συμπεριελήφθηκε πρόσφατα στην λίστα ‘Brit List’ του BBC Radio 1 κυκλοφόρησε το νέo του album “Music, Trial and Trauma: A Drill Story” την Παρασκευή.

Λίγες μέρες πριν βγάλει την νέα του δισκογραφική δουλειά, παρουσιάσε το single “Flavour”, το οποίο είναι σε συνεργασία με τον κορυφαίο rapper της Αγγλίας, τον Stormzy. Ο Loski επιδεικνύει για άλλη μια φορά γιατί θεωρείται top στην UK Drill σκηνή αλλά δείχνει και την ικανότητά του στην rap.

Το “FLAVOUR” κυκλοφορεί από την Panik Records και την Sony Music.

Loski, Strormzy – Flavour

Στίχοι – Lyrics

Ok Miss what’s your flavour
Do me a favour
Do not do me any favours (x2)

Ok miss what’s your flavour
I can’t really focus since you popped up on my radar
All those dirty texts you were sending on my iPhone
I might have to punish you for all that misbehaviour, flavour

Yo little miss what’s the chances
Niggas get excited when they see the way she dances
Told her don’t compare me to these guys I am the king here
All these little rappers spending all of their advances, ah shit

Yo pretty woman what’s your game like
Pull up to your crib and then I fix you like a break light
I can tell your boyfriend doesn’t give you what you ask for
You can write a little list of things that I should make right, shape nice”

Ay Stormz, she looks better without make up
That’s just my opinion
Cute little slim ting
You know I’m the in ting
Both of us a win win
Throw it or quinting
Save it for later eh ya

Ok Miss what’s your flavour
Do me a favour
Do not do me any favours (x4)

Baby tell me what’s the drama
Kisses on your neck a bit of Louis bit of Prada
Late night joking giving it the haha
Rocking With the G, bae I grew up in a Gazza wagwarn

Bare attitude and I love that
I ain’t into games if you leave you can’t come back
Texting on a iPhone true say that I like hoes
I be like slow down baby no Palava ah ah

Baby tell me what’s the drama
Saw her get excited when she found out I’m from Ghana
I can’t Really figure out her flavour but she’s fruity
Do it like I’m belly squad and give her the banana awh Nah,

Tell me little miss how’s your day been
Sorry I’m not answering these questions must be draining
I can be the sweet boy, street boy, punching out your teeth boy
And everybody love me like I’m Raymond, cold’

Ok Miss what’s your flavour
Do me a favour
Do not do me any favours (x4)

Now I’m with stars it’s like constellation
If I put your name in my songs you’ll be famous
When I’m not around you just put me onto your playlist
Bankroll baby I ball like the lakers

Champagne faded smoking on nuff flavours
I got haters fuck it I get paper
Word to J Cole she a hoe I can’t save her
Keep switching beats but really the drill save ya later

Can’t talk now baby later
From 13 with the hunnas like major
It’s funny cos I got what I asked for
Telling me you love me do you put in your prayer ay ya

And ou girl tell me would you pray for me
Stay for me had a really really long day
Bill a J for me (ughh)
I need my lady and my blunt
Stiff chocolate I’m still the flavour of the month

Ok Miss what’s your flavour
Do me a favour
Do not do me any favours (x6)

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